About Us

Record Man is an independent music company based in Miami, Florida which consults and empowers young entrepreneurs for success in the modern-day music industry. Through our imprints La Tropicál, Etiquette Noir, XTENDED, and Royál X, we collaborate with high-value artists across the world—with a concerted focus on Miami’s music and arts scene and what its best ears and venues have to offer.

The advent of powerful, handheld cellular devices in the last decade marked the tooling of a generation. In light of dizzying changes during this time, we recognize that the publication of music has seen a new upheaval. As an emergent, independent music company, we've adapted to fit these changes and are primed to future challenges. Above all, we take a personal, holistic approach to our digital distribution by identifying the unique strengths of each of our artists to encourage personal growth as well as add value to our company.

Mission Statement

We recognize that the most compelling art forms start with its creators. Our mission is to encourage autonomy, provide tools, and devise individual approaches for independent, up-and-coming musical artists. We strive to find creative ways for them to advance their careers as well as build a value-centered company. We’re a team of dedicated, young entrepreneurs with years of collective expertise in music.


For entrepreneurs with whom we develop close relationships, we offer a variety of services that go hand-in-hand with music and business development. As consultants, we've done the hard work of creating a scaleable ecosystem that enables us to counsel and guide  young businesspeople, build human capital and shed light on key strategies behind music distribution and career growth. Record Man Consulting provides the business & legal structure that any start-up needs to succeed at building a successful company. Documentation can be a hassle, and a major pitfall for start-ups. We've implemented a system for handling all necessary paperwork to facilitate label contracts and other types of agreements. We believe in investing in our artists & the people behind them, and one of the most important to do this is by implementing legal protections. For more information about our consulting, email consulting@record-man.com



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