Finding the Best Music Is Only Half the Battle


The mainstay of the Record Man ecosystem is an integrated approach to distribution and co-publishing for independently-established artists. We combine the advantages of the main online streaming platforms—principally SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple music—in order to appeal to diversified audiences, both grassroots curators as well as major label-connected tastemakers. Thanks to our in-house network of over 1.25 million SoundCloud followers, we're able to consistently network across as well as drive traffic to monetizable platforms.


Our Track Record

Over the years, we've populated a robust catalogue of chart-topping music, totaling millions of plays.


Sam Dian ~ The Light

Paris-based Sam Dian has faithfully captures the summer vibe, his vocals and instrumental work bridging electronic and acoustic approaches. Premiered and distributed by La Tropicál Records via Le Sol.


CRW ~ f o r . t h e . s u m m e r

CRW's mellow production conjures a more subdued side of summer, one that Etiquette Noir's monochrome visuals echo. Premiered and distributed by Etiquette Noir.


Rakeem Miles ~ Can't Be Friends ft. vlush

Rakeem Miles' longtime producer Goodnite has become a staple of his brand, showing that rap need not be confined to boom-bap flows and hard-hitting trap beats. "Can't Be Friends" is relatable, but, most of all, danceable. Premiered and distributed by Royál X.


Nick Viviani ~ Need You

Despite our attention to the Miami tech house scene, we connect with artists across the world. Buenos Aires' Nick Viviani reminds us that its possible to find good music everywhere. Premiered and distributed by XTENDED Records.




Gnash ft. Olivia O'Brien ~ i hate u, i love u (Perttu Remix)

We've all encountered the phenomenon when the remix feels better than the original. At seven and a half million plays, we owe our biggest release to date to Perttu's remix of Gnash's hit. 


Melanie Martinez ~ Soap (Max Liese Remix)

A year ago, Melanie Martinez's creative vision for "Soap" gave rise to a whole host of remixes, and we're proud to have this one under our belt, now at nearly two and a half million streams.


Chet Faker ~ 1998 (Sonny Alven Remix)

Sonny Alven's remix of Chet Faker's "1998" quickly topped a million plays and stands as one of our best efforts at capturing the tropical vibe, the summer anthem, and the essence of a city like Miami that lives and breathes under the sun. 


Rakeem Miles ~ New Chapter ft. Mike G & YoAstrum

Odd Future's whimsical vision in 2011-12 was something hip-hop had never seen before. They were a group that subverted genres, even the conventions of music itself. For years, SoundCloud has been saturated with EDM and Dance music, calling into question the place of underground hip-hop on the platform. We worked together with Rakeem Miles, an artist well-connected with Mike G of OFWGKTA to put out a melodic piece that ended up finding support from OF's official SoundCloud page and climbing to over a quarter of a million plays. We're confident that records like "New Chapter" truly herald a new chapter in rap and speak to the longevity and versatility of the genre.