The Record Man Ecosystem

As a parent company, Record Man ensures each of its working parts contribute to the forward movement of company goals. Perhaps the most important functional component of our system is the label imprint. Each of our imprints represents a different genre, a different vibe and ensures our brand remain diversified. 


We treaded in the headwaters of Tropical House, inspired by the likes of Kygo and Thomas Jack. La Tropicál, the flagship page of Record Man, started by capitalizing on a niche. When we realized we could use the internet to spread positive vibes and democratize good music by freely releasing it, people were bound to follow. Above all, our brand was inspired by and remains inseparable from Miami, as a vast cityspace and multi-chambered vessel for arts and culture.



Etiquette Noir

Etiquette Noir specializes in melodic trap, future bass, and creative electronic music. As part of the Record Man ecosystem, EN stands for creative integrity and is proud to be the force behind several high-profile electronic acts.



Royál X curates an eclectic blend of urban music, rap, hip-hop, R&B, and some future bass that features intricate backing and instrumentation where the producers are just as essential as their counterparts behind the mic. Even though the distinction between rap and R&B and other genres is fluid and ever-changing, we’re committed to finding and supporting artists whose music fits the unique vibe of our brands. 




XTENDED partners with the highest-profile talent in tech house and techno globally. While striving to shape and spread a sound fit for Miami’s unique culture, they recognize that music comprises only one facet of the city’s artistic potential and are always looking to partner with artists of diverse crafts and walks of life.